Wind Turbine Pads

Wind Turbine Pads

At Friction Technology Ltd we specialize in established and cutting edge friction applications, for the renewable energy market. Since many forms of converting kinetic energy into electrical power have rotors with gearboxes, brakes and clutches are also required to prevent over-speed and adapt to variables in the generating process, as well as turning off the rotor/propulsion when required. Centrifugal rotors which convert the power of the wind into renewable energy through an electrical generator, whether they have a vertical or horizontal axis, require maintenance and periodic replacement of wind turbine brake pads which we are well placed to supply.

Friction Technology prides themselves on quick and reliable services.

All Wind Brake Pads are manufactured to ISO9002 and to Original Equipment Specification.

We are able to supply replacement Wind Turbine brake pads including Antec, Brembo, Coremo, Dellner, Hagglunds, Pintsch, Sime, Svenborg, Twiflex.

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