Injection Moulded Friction Material

Friction Technology are able to produce Injected Moulded Friction Material into any industrial application:

Brakes for motorcycle and bikes

Clutches Safety Brakes for garden machinery

Toothed discs

Clamps Brakes for pulleys and others Sectors and segments

Small friction pieces

Due to their high mechanical properties and resistance to extreme temperatures, Friction Technology Ltd have the skills and the technology for processing all types of technical resins: epoxy, phenolic, melamine, polyester, … which can be used in many applications.

Rectifier bridges housings

Foreparts Sockets

Power strips

Caps Manufactured Sheets: Thickness: up to 16 mm Max. Length: 4,000 mm Max. Thickness: 16 mm

We can also produce complex shapes (toothed) through the perform die moulding process.

Injected Moulded Friction Applications:

Rotors for pneumatic starters

Foils for intake valves

Tape looms