FTL Toyota Lean Management

Companies in the Advanced Materials & Manufacturing sector can learn about Lean Management through the Welsh Government’s support for participation in the Toyota Lean Management Programme, delivered by Toyota. Friction Technology have three participants attending this programme next week.

Lean Start is a 1 ½ days workshop at TLMC Deeside, with a follow-up ½ day onsite visit by Toyota engineers.

Lean Project is an automatic follow-on to Lean Start. The business will receive 3 days of diagnostic support from Toyota engineers to identify opportunities to implement improvements.

The attendees from FTL will have a unique opportunity to experience and learn the Toyota Production System (TPS) and the Toyota Way to improve productivity, safety, quality whilst stripping out the waste and non-value-adding activity.

Simulation techniques, worksite observation and discussion with Toyota engineers will help in grasping the meaning of key elements of TPS and give an insight into how to make this work in practice.

Delegates will also understand the process steps, key strategic issues and their own role in leading a lean transformation.

Steve Magee Technical Director at Friction Technology says” This opportunity supported by the Welsh Government, to work alongside and learn from the experts at Toyota is invaluable to a small business like FTL. The potential improvements that can be made from the learnings at Toyota will improve productivity and ensure business development within the business and Welsh region”