FTL ERDF: Smart Cymru Innovation Grant


ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) focuses its investment in key strategic areas, innovation and research with in small and medium sized enterprises within key regions.

Smart Cymru supports Welsh businesses to develop, implement and commercialise new products, processes and services. To date, 390 Welsh businesses have been supported. At Friction Technology we are pleased to announce that we are one of those.

Smart Cymru enabled FTL, with the aid of a grant, to provide a test facility that can accurately predict the behaviour of friction material formulations in wind turbine yaw brake systems. The system is capable of testing a range of full size commercial brake systems and continuously record tribological data for analysis and reporting. Accelerated testing provides our internal engineers and customers with data that would normally take years in field testing.

This facility provides valuable information for rapid product development and provide accurate data for the sales and marketing teams. We can support our customers in the manufacturing plant by simulating conditions experienced by Wind Turbines in the field.